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We Only Use & Sell High Grade Quality Products

Our salon uses only the best products available. You can rest assured that every product we use on your nails and skin has been tested for quality – and approved. In fact, we are always looking for new beauty products and we are always trying new salon techniques to improve the services we offer.

For more than 12 years it has been our top priority to please each client that walks in our door. Nobody leaves our salon feeling less than beautiful. With our professional beauty technicians and high-quality services, how could they? Did you know that many of the products and instruments other salons use can impact your health? For this reason, we are always concerned with safe products that will not cause you to break out.

In addition, we sterilize each of our tools thoroughly, giving you the best protection against bacteria. We follow every salon policy to the tee, taking care of you every step of the way whether you come in for waxing or a manicure.

Please Note: All purchased products must be pick-up in person at our salon. Sorry, no delivery.