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Both natural nails and artificial nails have benefits and drawbacks. Natural nails are easier and cheaper to maintain. Unfortunately, they break easily, and nail polish chips off them faster. Acrylic nails are sturdy and more durable. Many women love the acrylic option because they can choose the length of their nails. On the other hand, artificial nails require routine maintenance and can damage cuticles.

Those who have weak nails should consider using acrylic nails. Since acrylic nails are more durable, women can stop worrying about their nails breaking. Besides that, artificial nails are also best suited for those who bite their fingernails. Many women struggle when it comes to making their natural nails look professionally done, which is why nail salons are popular.

Another special style that people can ask for at the salon is gel nails. Gel nails are thin, flexible and natural looking. Compared to other artificial nails, gel nails have a more glossy appearance. They are even safe for pregnant women because there are no fumes during the application process. A professional at the salon can apply a gel nail manicure in less than an hour.

Those who wish to enhance their nails can do so by reserving a treatment time at the Corporate Nails And Spa. The color choices and design possibilities are endless when it comes to nail art. One of the easiest ways for women to add to their beauty is to have their nails decorated. If clients only want the tips of their nails painted, then they can visit the salon to receive a French manicure.

Once women have their nails professionally done, they should visit the salon every two weeks for upkeep purposes. One of the best techniques for maintaining artificial nails is to have a professional perform regular maintenance on them. Since acrylics grow out with the nails, clients must visit the salon biweekly to have their nails filled in. While receiving treatment, the technician will file down each acrylic edge and fill in the empty gap. Before the appointment is over, each client gets to choose a color of nail polish.

Like acrylic nails, the best tip for maintaining gel nails is to schedule a maintenance appointment every two weeks. Technicians apply gel nails one coat at a time. Each time the technician applies a coat, the client must place each hand under an ultraviolet (UV) light for approximately two minutes so that the product can harden. In time, the gels will grow out with the nails. To maintain the nails, the technician must file down the gel edges before filling in the empty space.

Some people prefer keeping their natural nails. Compared to artificial nails, natural nails are easier to touch up at home. The removal process is simple, and they can change the color of their nails without scheduling an appointment. Those who have natural nails can still visit a professional for a manicure and pedicure. To keep natural nails in good health, people must learn to care for them properly.

One of the best ways to care for natural nails is to avoid over buffering them. When nails undergo too much buffering, it can cause friction and weaken them. Instead of cutting their nails, women should shape them by using a fine-grit cushion file. Avoid using a metal file out of a kit because cushion files are gentler. In addition, another great way for people to care for their natural nails is to moisturize their cuticles daily. Using lotion products regularly can help prevent hangnails and the skin from cracking or peeling.